Rent of the catamaran Lady Caroline

A comfortable cruise ship is an excellent solution for lovers of sea travel. Onboard the 43-foot double-hulled sailboat, you can go on a dizzying tour with a large group of friends of up to 13 people. Lady Caroline catamaran rental is perfect for a friendly party, anniversary, and birthday celebrations, as well as for other mass events.

Thanks to the luxurious interior and excellent service, each guest will get a lot of bright and unforgettable impressions from the trip. The refined design and functionality of the vessel is another advantage in favor of choosing this catamaran for organizing a sea cruise in the waters of Isla Mujeres, Coral reefs, and Playa Norte.

Popular routes

The comfortable vessel is suitable for organizing short-term tours and long cruises with overnight stays in Puerto Aventuras and Holbox Island.


  • Day 1 Isla Mujeres-Punta Sur Nature Reserve. The length of the route is 35-40 km. The one-day program includes a cruise off the coast of the island, snorkeling on the coral reef, a walk along the beaches, and a tour of the ecological reserve.
  • 2 days Visit the national park, beach holiday. The program of a one-day tour plus a tour of the Island of Contoy and Isla Mujeres. The route is 50-55 km long.
  • 3 days Extended program of the two-day tour. It also includes visits to Holbox, Boca Iglesia, and Contoy Island. The route length is 180-190 km.

You can get acquainted with all the popular routes for sea trips on a catamaran in the “Routes” section, from it you will learn the sights and beautiful places in the waters of Cancun.

Advantages of a holidays Lady Caroline catamaran

The cruising catamaran is equipped with the necessary equipment and equipment for scuba diving. A large outdoor area and a spacious room inside are ideally prepared for various leisure options.

The spacious and roomy lounge is a great place for pleasant communication and fun time with friends. Comfortable furniture and all the necessary kitchen utensils allow you to prepare various treats yourself and even organize a small banquet.

All rooms inside the catamaran are equipped with modern equipment. Thanks to the presence of climate technology, on a hot day you can enjoy a pleasant coolness to the sounds of your favorite music.

The equipped outdoor area is designed for all lovers of sea travel. There are comfortable upholstered seats and a side table where you can enjoy refreshing drinks while admiring the beauty of the surrounding scenery. In the recreation area, there is a special net for sunbathing and sunbathing.

By renting the Lady Caroline catamaran, our guests can have a great time and enjoy the stunning beauty of the world-famous resort. The vessel is equipped with everything necessary to make your holiday even more vivid and memorable.

  • Price:
  • from 240 usd / hour*

*The price is valid when booking for 8 hours

  • Type


  • Capacity

    13 pax

  • Size

    43 feet

  • Dock

    Hotel Area

  • Isla Mujeres
  • Coral Reef
  • Playa Norte
Price list:
4 hours 1200 $
6 hours 1516 $
8 hours 1916 $ best deal
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