Diving in the cenotes

The Mexican coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is deservedly considered the center of world diving. In addition to stunning reefs, underwater diving enthusiasts will find many underground lakes and wells here. Cenotes are a unique form of karst relief formed as a result of the collapse of the arches of limestone caves.

More than 6,000 raccoons have been discovered on the Yucatan Peninsula, each of which is unique in its own way. Thanks to a large selection of underwater formations and crystal clear water, divers with any level of training and experience can enjoy stunning views of caves and channels at any depth.

Diving prices in Mexico

Departure from Cancun
2 dives
from 150 USD
Departure from Playa del Carmen
2 dives
from 120 USD


The sacred wells are the most interesting and fascinating diving. In clear water, excellent visibility at any depth. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment and select the most suitable cenotes for your level of training.
All dives take place together with professional instructors. If necessary, we will conduct training for beginners and certification for more experienced divers. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of amazing caves and the richest world of mysterious wells.

The most popular cenotes

All cenotes have excellent reliefs, the length, and the depth of the passage of caves available for diving. A lot of wells located near the coast allows you to choose the most suitable locations depending on the diver's level of training.


One of the longest open cenotes in Mexico is located near the city of Tulum. The place is interesting with rocky formations, many open and closed cave halls. The Senate is ideal for snorkeling or diving.


The well is located in the archaeological zone of Chichen Itza. At a depth of 26 meters underground there is a unique freshwater lake, the diameter of which is about 60 meters, and the depth for diving reaches 40 meters. The Senate is among the most popular tourist spots for diving.


Cenote is very popular among divers of any level of training. There is an underground well near Playa del Carmen. Inside the cenote, there are 2 closed-type caves with unique columns and other stone formations.
More complex caves and underground systems are available only to experience and professional divers who have the appropriate certificate.


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